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Had to leave work early because of allergies today (or so I thought). Nope. It’s definitely a cold. I decided to take advantage of this down time and blog since a July post is clearly overdue!




Most of my July pictures on instagram were latergrams. I’ve always hated the summer and living in Florida only makes me hate hot weather even more. This time of year is when I usually stay indoors because of bugs and bug-born illness and I’m also allergic to most everything so I almost always home sick (like today…) until around September when my health stabilizes. Such a silly season summer is.


Also so many animals. Squish.


One of my favorite things to do is look back on the photos I take with my phone. It shows me of how many events have passed over time and reminds me that yes, I actually do have a life, even if socializing isn’t on the top of that list. That alone makes me feel like I’m totally not failing at this adult thing.

Dusting off the cobwebs of this blog (there was a link to formspring you guys… does anyone remember when that was even a thing?). Proper photo posts coming soon once I get a shnazzy card reader. In the meantime, there’s always instagram!

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road trip
portugal. the man + crystal fighters
jessie ware + mikky ekko

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Portugal. The Man – Sea of Air (Oct. 9th @ Ft. Lauderdale)


left one job, started a new one, and managed to take a small trip in between. it’s been a nice change.

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august was a funny month. i think it was filled with a lot at once after months of nothing new.

- one year older
- resigned from job
- finished a drama (wuuuut, unheard of)


- got sick (5th time this year, whoo)
- finished a series of books
- started drawing regularly again
- changed my phone wallpaper after two years of the same
- i blogged (ha)