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2014 Retrograde: Concerts

I made a conscious effort to attend more cultural events in 2014. I used to complain a lot about the area I moved to and currently live in not having culture. Now that I’ve lived for a few years as a functioning adult here and not as an angsty teen, my perspective has changed. I’m definitely not in love with this place and do see myself moving out of here at some point, but I have done my part to give this place another chance as an adult and it surprised me. Less cow fields, more musicians, more art, and more screenings of foreign films. (For the record, the weather still sucks but that’s ok.) Granted, a lot of this was unheard of ten years ago so I think my city-teen complaints were slightly valid :P

Here is a list of the shows I attended in 2014: Continue Reading

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a little review: august ’14

I realize how easily one can fall into a laziness trap if you don’t regularly check yourself. “a little review” has become the default blog post lately and I think it’s because it’s so easy. There’s literally no thought involved. I pick the relevant pictures from my instagram feed and write a couple of sentences. Maybe that’s what you want? (because I mean, who still reads let’s be real.) Continue Reading

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a little review: july

Had to leave work early because of allergies today (or so I thought). Nope. It’s definitely a cold. I decided to take advantage of this down time and blog since a July post is clearly overdue! Continue Reading