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Tumblr is such a closed community. I wish it would somehow find a way to encourage users to view the original artists work instead of it’s current reblogging culture, but this might be asking for too much. I have seen zuru1024‘s work a lot around tumblr but never checked out his entire body of work. After viewing his flickr, I was astonished at his portrait-taking ability. Here are a few of my favorites:

(images are linked to the original flickr page)


Notes: on Storytelling

A few weeks ago I saw Moonrise Kingdom and have had this entry collecting dust in the archives. The only other Anderson film I’ve seen is “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, which I adored. I appreciate Anderson’s aesthetic because of it’s consistency across mediums, nothing ever seems fickle. I loved the color palette and dialogue. Sometimes the situations went into absurd territory but it seemed normal in the context it was presented in. This sounds easy given the medium but I can’t tell you how many times I run into absurd situations that are so ridiculously outlandish that I lose interest for the show/film. Creating a crazy alternate universe that is also believable seems to be the hardest thing to me about film-making, but Anderson makes it look easy, which is why I’m a fan.

On a related note, I tried watching “Hara Ga Kore Nande” and couldn’t get past 30 minutes for that very reason.

(photos via niko tavernise’s flickr)

design, inspiration

moodboard: pastels

I recently started a new project. Creating moodboards is a new method for me but it’s nice to establish aesthetic boundaries when you’re still in the raw stages of a branding project. I spend so much time collecting images on tumblr, flickr, pinterest, etc. that I figured these accounts should put to good use as reference material instead of just-another-image-collection.

Image sources: blue dress, watercolor, girl with popsicle, feeling feminine, praia piquinia, wallpaper, love print.