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The First Time She Fell

Lately I’ve been on an e-book kick, especially since I’ve been sick so going out of the house was not an option. Buying it on my device and reading it instantly is like a miracle worker when you can’t even walk to the kitchen. However, those few weeks reading e-book after e-book (and still reading them) made me miss reading actual books. When I came across this beautiful collaboration project in my Reader and knew I had to share it.

The First Time She Fell is a collection of 8 short stories, all written by author Caleb Ludwick, and designed by 8 different designers from 6 different agencies across the U.S. Less collaboration and more “independent, solo creative acts bumping into each other,” as Ludwick explains. This collection feels anything but disparate. – KELLY CREE

(thanks for For Print Only for the hat tip)

David Sedaris perfectly described reading out of paper books in this New York Times article when he said:

I sometimes read books on my iPad. It’s great for traveling, but paper versions are easier to mark up, and I like the feeling of accomplishment I get when measuring the number of pages I’ve just finished — “Three-quarters of an inch!”

I realized that this feeling of accomplishment is what was lacking when I finished reading e-books. Technology does offer a different, more convenient reading experience, but unfortunately can’t replace what print has done for hundreds of years.

design, inspiration

Finds: Dreams of Your Life

Dreams of Your Life is an interactive experience designed by Hide&Seek, with writing by A.L. Kennedy and photography by Lottie Davies. I played it from start to finish, which takes about a half hour, and it was interesting and at times a bit depressing because it makes you reflect on aspects of your own life and relationships that you’d rather not think about. By playing, you leave an anonymous trace of your choices. If you don’t want to play, you can see the traces of others who have.

It’s based on the film ‘Dreams of A Life’, which is the story of Joyce Vincent. Nobody noticed when she died in her bedsit above a shopping mall in North London in 2003. Her body wasn’t discovered for three years, surrounded by Christmas presents she had been wrapping, and with the TV still on. The trailer can be seen here.

design, inspiration

Finds: Little Printer!

So Little Printer only blew up on my twitter and everyone began posting about it roughly 10 hours ago. @BERGCloud‘s twitter has since gained 2,586 followers. If you haven’t heard, Little Printer is an inkless, thermal printer that gives you daily doses of your subscriptions, or “publications” (all of which have beautifully simple designs). Here is the lovely video that shows it in action.

It won’t be available until next year but I’m already anxious to have one. Thinking about this though, there is really no reason for me to have one since my phone does this all without the paper. Then I tried to reason the future purchase with: “Well, I stare at a computer a lot for work and when I’m not near a computer I am writing e-mails and reading blogs on my phone. It’s good to take a break from monitors every now and then.”

And just like that I’ve convinced myself that I need this (the process for the Kindle was identical).