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a little review: august ’14

I realize how easily one can fall into a laziness trap if you don’t regularly check yourself. “a little review” has become the default blog post lately and I think it’s because it’s so easy. There’s literally no thought involved. I pick the relevant pictures from my instagram feed and write a couple of sentences. Maybe that’s what you want? (because I mean, who still reads let’s be real.)

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This kind of posting schedule does leave me wanting more. I still haven’t properly done a Texas or San Francisco post, there’s so many artists and designers I want to write about, many thoughts on books read, so much music, etc. The life of a dilettante can be unnecessarily stressful if you don’t make blogging a priority when you get home from a particularly taxing day of work. But I’m not going to make any promises to post here regularly, or to post more for that matter. I’ve done that so much in the past that it’s just words at this point.

I did get a shiny new theme! These are the hacks I do to motivate myself to post more.

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I don’t really remember August. To be honest, I don’t even remember my weekends. It’s very difficult for me to have weekends as a freelancer. Everything just kind of melts into me being at my desk. I do remember that it was too hot to go outside so most of my photo posts from that month were old SF shots. Here are actual photos taken in August.

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  • I like the new design! Looks a little Medium-esque.

    • Melissa

      thanks! i specifically looked for something medium-inspired. but i’m still not 100% used to this. it’s still so… big.

  • C.

    Your theme looks great on my phone!

    I also want to start blogging more. I recently bought film so once I finish a roll and develop it, I might have something worth sharing :P

    • Melissa

      yes! i really do miss it when i stay away from it for so long. documenting and sharing feels like home. :)

  • Lovely new theme, indeed! I’ve been attempting to pick up blogging again, as well. :)

    • I’m a bit surprised at how difficult it is to carve the time out of your day once you’ve gotten a schedule established. Still worth it though! :)