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fall delay

Fall has yet to come to Florida. We are still greeted by summer storms, humidity, and dragonfly’s on an almost daily basis though I did hear a rumor today that we will get some relief from the heat on Monday. Legend at this point. This unceasingly hot weather has made me want to stay in most of the time. I’m not the type to walk through heat gracefully. I sweat buckets and would rather not think about the consequences of sweat on a quick walk to my car or to lunch and then back to the office. Professional clothes is not meant for that kind of perspiration.

I received an e-mail on Tuesday congratulating me on one year of working at my current job and this caused me to reflect on how quickly one year goes by. 2014 was in many ways the hardest year of my adult life so far and I’m still rebounding from some of those hardships, but I’m also grateful to no longer be in that stressful and anxiety-ridden position anymore. This job was my transition from stress and uncertainty to a routine and expectations. I could start planning things again. Hopes are now possibilities. For that change in situation and mindset, I’m very grateful. I sympathize deeply with anyone who faces the stresses of being an Adult with Responsibilities while simultaneously being Unemployed.

This little nook of the internet would pop into my mind every now and then. I’m never sure what to do with it, but like all things I’ve had for a long time my instinct is to keep it for the sake of history, and not necessarily for how useful it is to me. I don’t feel guilty for not updating regularly but I also don’t want to see this become abandoned. While I’ve never gone deeply into my personal life anywhere on the internet, I do miss having a place to write down little passing thoughts I get during my day or throwing mementos of a trip on a site that isn’t an “album” with “likes”.


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  • Congratulations on your anniversary, Mel!

    My sister went through the same thing (also in design field) and she was always so stressed. When I went to visit her in California, even just driving by the area she used to work would cause her anxiety… I’m so happy that you are in a better place now!

    I always love reading your journal! I don’t write nearly as much as I would like but I’m starting my journal up again too (I want to focus on growing and improving as a film photographer and build my portfolio!). I’ve also been setting time aside to read every night (yes, like an actual book!). It’s been nice. Life these days is in the fast lane and I need to slow it down.

    Have a very happy thanksgiving!

    • Christy! YES you’re starting your journal up again too! I really love your photos and writing.

      Ditto with reading every night. I’d love to get better at writing but practicing every day doesn’t seem to be yielding good results so reading voraciously is my new method ;)

      • I was brainstorming photography projects/journal topics last night until like 1:30 a.m. ! I’m excited! I need to shoot more than a couple of rolls every three years :P