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Here and there: Spider Park

I was eating lunch at a park with some friends when I decided to wander around and take some snapshots. After seeing something sparkle right next to me I turn to look and find myself inches from a massive spider web with the spider about a foot above me. After paying attention to my surroundings I spotted at least 50 of these spiders. I wish they looked as big in these photos as they did in real life! It was quite shocking.

It’s been autumn for a while now but it’s still very hot outside. It’s now a little bit more tolerable than the summer months. I spend the majority of my time outdoors so I am grateful for when this part of the world decides to get cooler.

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  • ahh! i know what you mean. there’s a big spider hiding by our window and when i tried to take a picture, it looked so small and i wasn’t going to get any closer than a foot. even that was too close. *shudder* i hate spiders.

    • Melissa

      i was afraid of walking on the paths with spiders above them. i kept thinking they were going to kamikaze attack me! :/