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A little review: of spaces I don’t occupy

November 7, 2011 on 365 days.

A splash of neon in Silke Neumann’s Berlin apartment on Freunde von Freunden.

Jeff Halmos and Sam Shipley – New York City – on The Selby.

A room full of Truck furniture, spotted on Emma Dime.

“Glass Light” entry on Hoko Today.

If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been neglecting my blog subscriptions. I’ve finally skipped, glanced, and read over 3200 entries and it only took a month. I ran into so many gems that I’ve starred and +1’d that I thought I’d post a few here during the month of December as a late-autumn/early-winter recap of the little trivial things going on in the world, today it’s spaces.

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  • Oh, my! #2 and #4! But mostly #2! GUHHHH~

    • Melissa

      Neon pink! Who knew?

  • i really really reallyyyyy want a wall of bookshelves with tall windows + seating in between them + a sliding ladder. is that too much to ask?