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weekender: 2

A bit late for a weekend post but bear with me — I’m still trying to figure out how one can juggle blogging along with three jobs, a dozen projects, reading, and a daily sketch. This has made me think of time as much more valuable than money. Ever since I started taking work seriously, Monday through Friday seems to go by faster than Saturday and Sunday and everyone who ever told me “You’ll be 30/40/50 without realizing it” wasn’t lying.

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  • 3 jobs? Wow, do take care of your health though! <3

    I'm glad you're still trying to update even though it must be super tough!
    love the first picture btw~

    • Melissa

      It’s not hard to update the blog (I look forward and love it), it’s just hard to remember. But this is such a first world problem, haha. :)