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a little review: movies in 2011

I knew I’d find a reason for my habit of saving ticket stubs of anything. This wasn’t a spectacular year in films, considering the bulk of my viewing involved going to see super-hero flicks with friends just for an excuse to get out of the heat and humidity of the summer months.

Most of these films I don’t even remember watching, I just associate it with the thoughts I had after watching it: The Tourist = Johnny, how could you?, Limitless = I want a refund, Pirates = I don’t even remember seeing this so…, X-Men = I understand OTPs now, Midnight in Paris = need to read more, Contagion = Must. Wash. Hands., The Muppets = I hate seeing adults acting like children.

I can say that Midnight in Paris and Mission Impossible were a joy to watch if only for the great quotes and a nice pair of biceps, respectively.

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  • there are a whole bunch here that i didn’t get around to seeing, but i wanted to. i agree with your thoughts on the tourist and we’ve already talked about x-men first class ;p and i really need to get my hands on midnight in paris!

    • You need to watch it! I’ve been wanting to go to Paris since!

  • joyce

    it looks like there’re a bunch of promising films in theatre now or opening soon! shame, war horse, we need to talk about kevin, albert nobbs… all semi-serious or full-blown depressing stuff. apparently carnage is pretty good too. but then it’s a film by polanski, a fact that doesn’t sit well with me.

    either way, good for you. the last time i saw a movie in the theatre was inception. seriously. i did go see hugh jackman on broadway. mmm… hugh jackman.

    • Melissa

      i’m staying away from war horse only because animals are my weakness. if i see one hurt that’s instant sobbing on my part!

      aaaand, i think i’m willing to sacrifice movie going for one year to see hugh jackman on broadway!