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daily notes: irrationalities

This morning while working I was listening to the latest Freakonomics podcast on why it’s so difficult to say “I don’t know”. There was a brief moment where they were discussing fears. I laughed at one, scoffed at another, and nodded with understanding at another. This got me to thinking about my own fears, how stupid they may seem to others, and how I’ve built and planned my life to involve as little encounters with my fears as possible.

I’m afraid of throwing up and petri dishes growing bacteria. What are you afraid of?

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  • Is there any reason you’re afraid of petri dishes with bacteria? I feel like that’s totally something good to be afraid of, haha.

    I’m mostly scared of spiders, cockroaches, and pregnant women (don’t ask, I don’t get it either).

    • Melissa

      Regarding the petri dishes, it’s not so much the bacteria as it is how the bacteria looks. Looking at certain textures literally make me want to run away, petri dishes are a perfect example. Also some types of tree bark and skin rashes make me feel the same way.

      Oh wow, I seem to have more fears than I originally thought!

  • I have a fear of people breaking into my house; I have nightmares about it and check the lock 5 or 6 times before I go to sleep. The door doesn’t quite fit the frame and the apartment complex is just so old. I also have a ridiculous fear of cars. I still drive and ride in them, so it’s not quite phobia status, but I feel like I’m going to die almost every time. I *hate* cars!

    Reading your comment about the fear of rashes (due to textures/look) made me itchy all over, haha. I can totally relate. Also, I have a friend who is really afraid of throwing up!

    • Melissa

      That must make driving so stressful! I hope where you live is not a car-dependent area. I’m always careful with what/how much I eat so as not to get sick. Dairy usually makes me really sick so now I’m vegan and stay far away from it.