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Studio Sessions: Higashi Chika

One of my biggest favorite past-times is to look at artist studios on blogs. These studios in particular have a great history: layers of paint building on each other on the floors, supplies gathering up slowly over time, pieces leaning on the walls at every available space.

I’ve been increasingly obsessed with studios since I’m now officially in the process of looking for one for my design/drawing/painting work. I wonder if this is what shopping for a house feels like, quite exhilarating to look for a space to make my own work in.

Recently Hello Sandwich did a studio tour of Higashi Chika’s Tokyo workspace, and what a workspace it is!

To see more photos of the studio tour, visit Hello Sandwich.

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  • this is very similar to my desk/workspace obsession :)

    • Melissa

      I think we should team up and do something awesome with this obsession of ours, like rent out a warehouse and make it an awesome work/play space. :)