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typical winter/summer

I have been obsessed with Instagram. I’m colorwalk if you care to follow. I’ve always stayed away from the app and used it sparingly since getting an iPhone but lately I’ve been using it almost any chance I get. Here are a few shots from January.

Taking advantage of the nice weather and spending a lot of time outside lately. I’ve been discovering a lot of nice places in this area that I haven’t seen before or are just new. It makes me feel guilty for not having tried harder to learn to like this place, but better late than never amirite?

(Note: it seems as if my automated posts aren’t updating at the time I set it to, which is why this has come a week late, and many others are still in my drafts.)

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  • these are beautiful, love the one with the flower plates.

    • Melissa

      thank you! :)

  • these pictures are SO clear from your phone! that peacock one is fantastic!

    • Melissa

      the peacock one was from in my car because i was too scared to go out. i know he wouldn’t have done anything but they’re quite large up close and hitchcock’s the birds came to mind x_x