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daily notes: early owls

Been doing some reading on waking up early and how this correlates with productivity (sauce). While I haven’t been able to sleep past 6AM since this new year started, I still don’t feel anymore productive than when I slept and woke up later since I’m sleeping the same amount of hours. I’m still not totally sold on the “study” findings. Being both a morning and night person, I don’t understand how I’m any more goal-oriented/insomniac than the next one. Clearly running on a few hours of sleep can’t be good for brain function.

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  • britt

    I know ppl that can only sleep 4 hrs at night and wake up like at 2 or 4 am and I don’t see them being any more productive than anyone else. Sometimes they’re less productive.

    • Melissa

      Yeah, I’m unfortunately in that boat where just out of sheer exhaustion I can’t get anything done. Insomnia sucks. In the butt.