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Honokaa Boy

I had been wanting to watch Honokaa Boy (trailer) after seeing a special on Hasegawa Jun that showed some film clips. In all, I think it was a quiet movie with a slow plot, quite fitting for its setting and characters, but this made things start to drag after a while. Hasegawa’s character Mariah was interesting though. I know Americans are more touchy-feely than the Japanese, but I think she was a bit over the top and in your face (the hug scene: awkward and prolonged, even for me and I’m quite touchy), but the character seemed appropriate for Hasegawa.

A lot of the scenes were shot nicely, the majority of which were done in Honokaa. I literally googled Honokaa and found a few film locations, so it’s got that peaceful small town atmosphere for zoning out (or driving you crazy, depending on how used to cities you are). After seeing what seemed like a ton of Korean shows (ok, maybe like 4), it was nice to listen to Japanese since mine is getting pretty rusty. Seriously, 3 years in university and nothing to show for it.

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  • that meal-on-table arrangement is very reminiscent of 飯島奈美’s work. she is the mastermind behind all the awesome food scenes in films like seagull diner (one of my favourite movies). i am dying to get my hands on her cookbooks. try googling her name; you won’t be disappointed.

    • Melissa

      the food preparation scenes in this, though not many, were the most fun to watch.

      so THAT’s her name! i’ve been wondering who it was that’s responsible for the food styling in seagull diner (one of my favs too!) and megane, etc.

      also, this was my reaction to finding out that she has cookbooks. i must own them. all of them.

  • f

    I originally watched this for Okada Masaki and Hasegawa Jun (my favorite ViVi model at the time), but I only got halfway through before falling asleep… I’ll have to give it another try, Mariah didn’t even show up yet!

    • I’m not even sure if it’s worth it to be honest. It was really hard for me to stay focused in the film. Jun is my current model/personality crush, which is why I saw it. I’d love it if she got more acting roles and improved. I want to see Masaki’s other work. He was just such an awkward character in this!