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svpply: the wishlist

  1. Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Amy Winehouse print
  2. “I would prefer not to” tote bag
  3. Celine desk
  4. b small shelf modules
  5. Cycle Style by Horst Friedrichs
  6. teak cutlery set

One thing I did while bedridden the majority of March was organize my wish list. I had an Amazon wishlist for the past few years that had turned into this random collection of things I want/things I thought were nice but wouldn’t buy. I’ve had a svpply account but never used it. I’ve finally cleared my Amazon wishlist of most things that are not books and moved them to svpply. I can be found at /newb if you feel like following my wishlist. Just say hi :)

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  • darn it. brookfarm general store! more home & living items wants (and angst).

    i have a ginormous wishlist folder on my computer, but migrating this to svpply sounds like a nice way to visualize everything. (procrastinates)

    • Melissa

      brookfarm… it makes me cry sometimes.