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The First Time She Fell

Lately I’ve been on an e-book kick, especially since I’ve been sick so going out of the house was not an option. Buying it on my device and reading it instantly is like a miracle worker when you can’t even walk to the kitchen. However, those few weeks reading e-book after e-book (and still reading them) made me miss reading actual books. When I came across this beautiful collaboration project in my Reader and knew I had to share it.

The First Time She Fell is a collection of 8 short stories, all written by author Caleb Ludwick, and designed by 8 different designers from 6 different agencies across the U.S. Less collaboration and more “independent, solo creative acts bumping into each other,” as Ludwick explains. This collection feels anything but disparate. – KELLY CREE

(thanks for For Print Only for the hat tip)

David Sedaris perfectly described reading out of paper books in this New York Times article when he said:

I sometimes read books on my iPad. It’s great for traveling, but paper versions are easier to mark up, and I like the feeling of accomplishment I get when measuring the number of pages I’ve just finished — “Three-quarters of an inch!”

I realized that this feeling of accomplishment is what was lacking when I finished reading e-books. Technology does offer a different, more convenient reading experience, but unfortunately can’t replace what print has done for hundreds of years.

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