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been doing a lot of reading and rereading lately. currently on the “to read” list, i’ve got some jack kerouac, zadie smith, hunter thompson, and david sedaris. what have you been reading lately? any recommendations?

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  • Amy

    I recommend the Best American Essays series (I’m currently on 2007), The Kingdom and the Power by Gay Talese, and some Joan Didion.

    Noooo, don’t do it, David Sedaris is the devil :| (Both him AND his effing sister.)

    • Melissa

      interesting list there, will get to your recs first then!

      really? why? i haven’t gotten started on anything by this guy yet. i’ll avoid like the plague :)

      • f

        Seconding everything that Amy said (mostly the Best American Essays series) and avoiding David Sedaris. Dude isn’t funny, and he’s ignorant (see his piece on China… awful).

        And I’d personally recommend Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Collected Stories. Love it!

        • Melissa

          ah ggm! i have this list of authors that i want to check out and he’s on it. thanks for the rec! and i’ll stay away from sedaris. i don’t feel like getting angry haha