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Finds: The Bachelor Girl

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Autumn would most definitely be my favorite season if I lived in an area where there were actual seasons (I live where it’s summer year round, very frustrating and sticky). Since this areas styling is not to my tastes, I love seeing the fashion coming out of cooler climates on the street fashion blogs. I plan on traveling in the next few months and so began looking for season-appropriate clothes, which makes me 10x’s more giddy than it should.

What started off as a search for inspiration on rocking the blazers ended up in discovering the tumblr LA GARÇONNE and it’s many photos of women in menswear and doing it right (and they credit their sources!). Observe this archive page of gold.

Here are the links to the original tumblr posts if you feel like reblogging:
01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05

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  • f

    I like how the girl on the right kind of photobombed the dapper girl in the third picture! Haha.

    But ugh, you don’t even have to tell me about year round summers :/ it puts a damper on being fashionable.

    • Melissa

      Have you ever photobombed before? Last weekend I photobombed like, 5 pictures and it’s so much fun! Haha

      It does because you’re weighing functionality with fashion all the time. I don’t remember the last time I wore shoes.

  • I love these! Esp the red pants. It’s cooling down here, but not much. I also don’t think I’ve worn real shoes all year…

    • Melissa

      Any temperature under 65 degrees and it’s time for me to bring out my winter coat. I wish I was kidding.