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weekender: 3

Feel a bit guilty about the great weather we had while the northeast was pounded with Hurricane Irene! It did graze us though and I had a hard time getting to work on Thursday because the wind/rain kept moving my car while driving and my brakes are lame on wet pavement.

Contrary to these images, I spend most of the weekend indoors working on this blog (and work and reading)! Click! if you’re reading via RSS. Nothing major in terms of design but at least there’s just a little info about me. I had planned to watch the first episode of something Korean but never got around to it, and probably never will. This is why I’m drawn to films instead of shows, they require a minor commitment of time and I’m not terribly emotionally-invested in the characters or plot to give a potentially embarrassing reaction.

I remember reading something about how the best camera to have is the one you have with you, which would be my phone that I take with me everywhere (that I don’t use enough and stupidly feel naked without). I think the novelty of a DSLR wears off quickly once you realize how heavy it is. After finishing four years of high school and five years of undergrad, the last thing I want to carry is something heavy. Lately I’ve been wanting to downsize everything.

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  • isn’t it ironic that upgrading a camera sometimes mean less photos? i am looking to saving enough money to switch to a light and decent point-and-shoot. my phone is too dumb to take pictures.

    • Melissa

      Yeah I’m a bit disappointed w/ myself for not having the will to lug it around anymore but my needs have since changed. I’m looking at a few options, mainly the Olympus Pen E-PL 3 since it has v good interchangeable lenses and doesn’t weight as much as a newborn :x

      • joyce

        i am just going straight to the canon powershot s95. just waiting for xmas!