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Tumblr is such a closed community. I wish it would somehow find a way to encourage users to view the original artists work instead of it’s current reblogging culture, but this might be asking for too much. I have seen zuru1024‘s work a lot around tumblr but never checked out his entire body of work. After viewing his flickr, I was astonished at his portrait-taking ability. Here are a few of my favorites:

(images are linked to the original flickr page)

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  • There’s nothing that upsets me more than finding a beautiful image on Tumblr only to find that it doesn’t lead back to any source. :'(

    But these pictures, especially the third one, are gorgeous!

    • Melissa

      yeah, i’m quite militant about sourcing the images i reblog.

      have you tried src-img? it does a google image search and most of the time you end up at a source that credits. great for those genius images that have no credit whatsoever.