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currently reading: fahrenheit 451

if you’re a nerdfighter too, you’ll know that our summer bookclub reading is Fahrenheit 451. as explained by hank, this book was chosen because more copies of 50 Shades of Grey has been sold than copies of Ray Bradbury’s books during his entire lifetime. i dug through a box of old books to find this copy.

i also ran into my absolutely shredded copy of The Pillars of the Earth. it was already in a bad state when i got my hands on it, and it survived a cross country road-trip. i think it’s missing a few pages too. i started pillars around 10 years ago and it took me two years to finish. by the time i was towards the end, i had forgotten most of what happened in the beginning. later on it was chosen to be read in oprah’s book club but i couldn’t fathom why. maybe i was too immature reading it but i guess it deserves a reread. i also don’t know if i should follow any of oprah’s literary advice but -insert shrug gif here-.

this officially makes my “currently reading” list on goodreads to 6 books, more than i’ve ever done at once. we’ll see how this goes. also if you have a goodreads, add me and i’ll return the favor.

what books are you reading now?

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the week in blogs

  1. Urban Cycling Fashion because I have a hard time dressing for a bike ride when there’s no working out involved.
  2. The Flame Alphabet, currently having an affair with this book cover.
  3. My avatar on The End, though I haven’t started playing it yet.
  4. The A.N.D. Project, which isn’t of much use if you don’t live in New York, Tokyo, London, Moscow, or Melbourne but that doesn’t matter.
  5. Periodic Table of Typefaces, needed to be on my wall yesterday.
  6. Sexy design on Mr. Porter.

My newest weekly post: a break down of a handful of my favorite blog entries of the week. I’m horribly behind on reader right now. A few weeks ago I unsubscribed from about 100 blogs that were either inactive or I just wasn’t interested in anymore and I’m still nowhere near finishing all of the entries, so for now it will feature any blog entries I read this week, no matter how dated they are. It should turn into recent interesting entries just to keep things fresh.

Also, if you want to follow the entries that don’t make it on this list but are still equally as interesting, my shared items on Google Reader is here.