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moodboard: pastels

I recently started a new project. Creating moodboards is a new method for me but it’s nice to establish aesthetic boundaries when you’re still in the raw stages of a branding project. I spend so much time collecting images on tumblr, flickr, pinterest, etc. that I figured these accounts should put to good use as reference material instead of just-another-image-collection.

Image sources: blue dress, watercolor, girl with popsicle, feeling feminine, praia piquinia, wallpaper, love print.


from my desk: Brand New Awards

A tweet from @ucllc about some slightly-damaged copies of the 2010 Brand New Awards book on sale for half price made me quickly reply to snag one of the few copies and this came in the mail a few days later. Under Consideration tweeted earlier today that early preparations for the next BNAwards are under way; seeing the crazy amount of talent in this years edition makes me excited to see who will be featured next year.