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daily notes: early owls

Been doing some reading on waking up early and how this correlates with productivity (sauce). While I haven’t been able to sleep past 6AM since this new year started, I still don’t feel anymore productive than when I slept and woke up later since I’m sleeping the same amount of hours. I’m still not totally sold on the “study” findings. Being both a morning and night person, I don’t understand how I’m any more goal-oriented/insomniac than the next one. Clearly running on a few hours of sleep can’t be good for brain function.


daily notes: quietivity

This is what happens when I try to sit alone, in a quiet empty room. I like quiet empty rooms because I’m forced to be productive without much distractions, meaning I like quiet empty rooms when there are a lot of things to do. Sitting alone and learning to be content doing nothing though…


daily notes: irrationalities

This morning while working I was listening to the latest Freakonomics podcast on why it’s so difficult to say “I don’t know”. There was a brief moment where they were discussing fears. I laughed at one, scoffed at another, and nodded with understanding at another. This got me to thinking about my own fears, how stupid they may seem to others, and how I’ve built and planned my life to involve as little encounters with my fears as possible.

I’m afraid of throwing up and petri dishes growing bacteria. What are you afraid of?