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Finds: Christine Sun Kim

(Because I can’t seem to embed video with this wordpress theme for some reason, enjoy screen caps and the link to the video until I figure out what’s going on.)

Ran into this Selby film on artist Christine Sun Kim. I highly suggest watching it. Christine Sun Kim is an artist who works with sound and she brings up some interesting points regarding her relationship with sound growing up. Her performance art and experiences can show us how to understand our relationships with our sensory surroundings.

“Let’s listen with our eyes and not just our ears. That would be the ideal. Let’s look at the bigger picture.”

(hat tip to life in the slow line for posting.)


Honokaa Boy

I had been wanting to watch Honokaa Boy (trailer) after seeing a special on Hasegawa Jun that showed some film clips. In all, I think it was a quiet movie with a slow plot, quite fitting for its setting and characters, but this made things start to drag after a while. Hasegawa’s character Mariah was interesting though. I know Americans are more touchy-feely than the Japanese, but I think she was a bit over the top and in your face (the hug scene: awkward and prolonged, even for me and I’m quite touchy), but the character seemed appropriate for Hasegawa.

A lot of the scenes were shot nicely, the majority of which were done in Honokaa. I literally googled Honokaa and found a few film locations, so it’s got that peaceful small town atmosphere for zoning out (or driving you crazy, depending on how used to cities you are). After seeing what seemed like a ton of Korean shows (ok, maybe like 4), it was nice to listen to Japanese since mine is getting pretty rusty. Seriously, 3 years in university and nothing to show for it.


a little review: movies in 2011

I knew I’d find a reason for my habit of saving ticket stubs of anything. This wasn’t a spectacular year in films, considering the bulk of my viewing involved going to see super-hero flicks with friends just for an excuse to get out of the heat and humidity of the summer months.

Most of these films I don’t even remember watching, I just associate it with the thoughts I had after watching it: The Tourist = Johnny, how could you?, Limitless = I want a refund, Pirates = I don’t even remember seeing this so…, X-Men = I understand OTPs now, Midnight in Paris = need to read more, Contagion = Must. Wash. Hands., The Muppets = I hate seeing adults acting like children.

I can say that Midnight in Paris and Mission Impossible were a joy to watch if only for the great quotes and a nice pair of biceps, respectively.