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a little review: august ’14

I realize how easily one can fall into a laziness trap if you don’t regularly check yourself. “a little review” has become the default blog post lately and I think it’s because it’s so easy. There’s literally no thought involved. I pick the relevant pictures from my instagram feed and write a couple of sentences. Maybe that’s what you want? (because I mean, who still reads let’s be real.) Continue Reading

design, inspiration

moodboard: pastels

I recently started a new project. Creating moodboards is a new method for me but it’s nice to establish aesthetic boundaries when you’re still in the raw stages of a branding project. I spend so much time collecting images on tumblr, flickr, pinterest, etc. that I figured these accounts should put to good use as reference material instead of just-another-image-collection.

Image sources: blue dress, watercolor, girl with popsicle, feeling feminine, praia piquinia, wallpaper, love print.


from my desk: leisure reading

Now that I’m out of school and my schedule is a lot more predictable, I’ve had time to actually read for leisure, which is mind-blowing after five years of university. Two issues of ku:nel that dearest Amy mailed me earlier this year, my attempt at coming to terms with what images mean, and some freelancing self-help books, as I’d eventually like to do that. For now I’m following Ilise’s advice and am currently at step 1. Also, I finally put on this little bracelet my sister made for me that’s just darling.

My current theme is a little bare at the moment but I’ll be personalizing it over the course of the next few days/weeks. And I want to thank the readers who kept visiting during that odd unannounced hiatus, I kept procrastinating moving hosts but it got to the point where I couldn’t take being ignored by my hosting company so I moved to a much better, reliable, and friendly place. Yay upgrades!