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weekender: 2

A bit late for a weekend post but bear with me — I’m still trying to figure out how one can juggle blogging along with three jobs, a dozen projects, reading, and a daily sketch. This has made me think of time as much more valuable than money. Ever since I started taking work seriously, Monday through Friday seems to go by faster than Saturday and Sunday and everyone who ever told me “You’ll be 30/40/50 without realizing it” wasn’t lying.


weekender: 1

Summer is usually the season I spend most of my time indoors because my skin is so sensitive and Florida sun really brings out the worst reactions. But sometimes it’s nice to ignore your dermatologist and feel the ocean/river/lake breeze with Jon Brion playing on repeat (though I’m paying for it now). This was the first weekend in a month that I didn’t visit someone in the hospital, and after being in a room all day for work all I want is to unwind outside with a book.