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the week in blogs: nov. 12-18 ’12

01. “City By The Bay” on Stitch & Hammer
02. “things I miss on Hilda Grahnat
03. Luke Twyman’s Illustrations on The Fox is Black
04. John Putaseri’s Rabbit Destruction Council on It’s Nice That
05. Gorman + Rhys Lee featured on Oh Joy!
06. New Face preview on DECADE
07. Raúl González on Miss Moss
08. Joanna Concejo on life in the slow line
09. lectures on Rinko Kawauchi’s tumblr

This was supposed to be a weekly series over a year ago but let’s see if I can keep this consistent this time. Not all of the dates are accurate of course, because I’m so behind on my blog feed out of sheer laziness that I need an entire weekend to go through everything. Never going to happen.

This week: a little bit of wanderlust, a little bit of inspiration, and a little bid of homesickness.


Finds: Christine Sun Kim

(Because I can’t seem to embed video with this wordpress theme for some reason, enjoy screen caps and the link to the video until I figure out what’s going on.)

Ran into this Selby film on artist Christine Sun Kim. I highly suggest watching it. Christine Sun Kim is an artist who works with sound and she brings up some interesting points regarding her relationship with sound growing up. Her performance art and experiences can show us how to understand our relationships with our sensory surroundings.

“Let’s listen with our eyes and not just our ears. That would be the ideal. Let’s look at the bigger picture.”

(hat tip to life in the slow line for posting.)


Finds: zuru1024

Tumblr is such a closed community. I wish it would somehow find a way to encourage users to view the original artists work instead of it’s current reblogging culture, but this might be asking for too much. I have seen zuru1024‘s work a lot around tumblr but never checked out his entire body of work. After viewing his flickr, I was astonished at his portrait-taking ability. Here are a few of my favorites:

(images are linked to the original flickr page)