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a little review: august

august was a funny month. i think it was filled with a lot at once after months of nothing new.

– one year older
– resigned from job
– finished a drama (wuuuut, unheard of)

– got sick (5th time this year, whoo)
– finished a series of books
– started drawing regularly again
changed my phone wallpaper after two years of the same
– i blogged (ha)



here and there: back in the swing of things







I haven’t been here but I have been on instagram experimenting with new photo apps. You can follow me @colorwalk. It’s so easy to forget about blogging when nothing major is going on in your life. I’ve even stopped reading most other blogs because it was impossible to catch up. Now that Google Reader is going to die though, I’ve taken up the task to clear most of the blogs I’m currently subscribed to as a sort of digital jubilee, and to start again here.


here and there: recently on instagram

I’m a sporadic instagramer at most but here is what I’ve been up to recently. Looking at my feed, I only seem to use it while outdoors. Recently I have been spending much of my mornings on horse ranches. It smells a little strange but overall horses to me seem a lot like big dogs and are a joy to be around. Country in the tropics is not an idea that I got used to quickly, especially considering the overwhelming wilderness that looks like the American midwest meets Brazil.

(This is also an e-nudge to add me. I’m colorwalk on instagram.)