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thoughts from places: the 9-5

It’s interesting working at the university that I previously attended as a naive-reformed-photographer-converted-designer. I loved wandering around campus taking photos. I used to shoot with a film camera before I could afford a DSLR. I’d develop the black and white photos myself in the campus darkroom.

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fall delay

Fall has yet to come to Florida. We are still greeted by summer storms, humidity, and dragonfly’s on an almost daily basis though I did hear a rumor today that we will get some relief from the heat on Monday. Legend at this point. This unceasingly hot weather has made me want to stay in most of the time. I’m not the type to walk through heat gracefully. I sweat buckets and would rather not think about the consequences of sweat on a quick walk to my car or to lunch and then back to the office. Professional clothes is not meant for that kind of perspiration. Continue Reading


a little review: august ’14

I realize how easily one can fall into a laziness trap if you don’t regularly check yourself. “a little review” has become the default blog post lately and I think it’s because it’s so easy. There’s literally no thought involved. I pick the relevant pictures from my instagram feed and write a couple of sentences. Maybe that’s what you want? (because I mean, who still reads let’s be real.) Continue Reading