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a little review: july

Had to leave work early because of allergies today (or so I thought). Nope. It’s definitely a cold. I decided to take advantage of this down time and blog since a July post is clearly overdue! Continue Reading


a little review: shows in 2011

Interpol at Miami Beach

Interpol at the Jackie Gleason Theatre, Miami Beach

I’m almost ashamed that I only attended one show this year. I think the case this year was that I just wasn’t paying attention to any bands coming to Miami and so I missed a lot of good ones (I’m still tripping over missing The Swell Season, still). Also my migraine headaches have been acting up, which has also kept me away from venues. The last thing I want is to not be able to enjoy a band because I’m too busy clutching my skull for some relief. Thankfully the case is different for next year since in the next three months alone I hope to attend at least five, with or without migraines.